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RRC Partners & Champions

TANT logo

"TANT was formed in 2002 by a group of National Trust tenants to work to raise standards for all. We support, advocate and campaign for all residential and commercial tenants, tenant farmers, long leaseholders and covenantors of the National Trust."

Tenants' Association of the National Trust
akt logo

"akt supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. Growing numbers of LGBTQ+ young people renting in the private rented sector are vulnerable to experiencing homelessness or finding themselves without a home again. If we are to end homelessness and housing insecurity, urgent reform of the private sector is needed. More work also needs to be done to ensure that the private rented sector is inclusive of LGBTQ+ people. This is why akt is proud to partner with the Renters' Reform Coalition."

The Big Issue logo

"The Big Issue is supporting the Renters' Reform Coalition as part of our campaign to Stop Mass Homelessness. No one should face an unfair eviction, yet we know that cases are hitting the courts at alarming rates. The upcoming reform needs to work for renters and have homelessness prevention at its heart. We must keep people in their homes at all costs."

The Big Issue

"The Housing Law Practitioners Association is a forum for all those who practice housing law for the benefit of the homeless, tenants and other occupiers of housing. The system does not work for our clients. Private tenancies do not provide the security needed for a stable life, especially for vulnerable tenants or those with children. Social housing and homeownership are for the few. S21 proceedings are rife with technical defences, but these are a delaying tactic in most cases. Due to advice deserts or lack of eligibility, many tenants cannot access legal aid to defend possession proceedings. HLPA supports the Renters' Reform Coalition to create a workable, stable system which treats houses as homes, not merely assets.”

The Housing Law Practitioners Association


"Medact is a UK charity for global health, working on issues related to conflict, poverty and the environment."

The Smith Institute logo

“The Smith Institute is a leading independent public policy think tank. The Institute’s high-level research enables us to engage national and local decision makers on policies for a prosperous and fair society.”

The Smith Institute
Stepchange Logo

“With a growing number of StepChange advice clients living in rented housing, we see first-hand the harm that insecure housing and the fear of eviction has on people struggling with problem debt. That’s why we are delighted to partner with the RRC and campaign with them for much-needed reform of the private rented sector."

Age UK Logo

"We support the Renters' Reform Coalition because every older person deserves a safe place to grow old. An often forgotten and overlooked group, a significant number of older private renters are particularly vulnerable. High rents leave one in three older renters in poverty after the rent is paid and they are less likely to have savings to fall back on. Older renters are more likely than older home owners to be unwell. Almost a quarter of a million older renters, nearly three in ten, do not live in decent housing. At Age UK we believe that older private renters deserve more security, particularly as their numbers are forecast to grow. That’s why we’re calling for changes to security of tenure for all renters, including an end to Section 21 or ‘no-fault’ evictions.”

Caroline Abrahams, Chief Executive Officer
Age UK
Northern Housing Consortium

“1 in 4 private rented properties in the North fail to meet the decent homes standard. That’s not acceptable. Levelling-up housing standards must start with giving renters the security they need to exercise their rights. That’s why we support the aims of the Renters’ Reform Coalition.” 

Tracy Harrison, Chief Executive Officer
Northern Housing Consortium


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